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Acupuncture improves the immune system
Acupuncture is effective for viral infections not only cough and colds but also difficult...


Best stress reliever
Acupuncture is recommended to patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer or autoimmune diseases. It promotes the well being of the patients so that they can better tolerate the side effects...

Acupuncture cures anemia
Acupuncture and Moxibustion is known to be effective for anemia (red blood cell deficiency). A nun coming home from Africa was shocked to see that her ...

Acupuncture a better alternative to medicine
A hypertensive patient was able to decrease his anti-hypertensive medicine with only 6 sessions of acupuncture...

Acupuncture featured in 'Rated: K'
Stress whether mental or physical is the number one cause of diseases and illnesses. It is important to relieve stress and acupuncture is the best stress reliever. Featured at Rated K by Korina Sanchez in an episode:  “A Day with Korina”...

Acupuncture better than tranquilizers
There was a  balikbayan who got so stressed out in the States that he have to take tranquilizer to get some sleep...

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"I was diagnosed to have a bad case of Herpes Zoster at Makati Medical Center in the Philippines and was prescribed medicines which I took religiously for a month. I was still in pain so my company lawyer told me to see an acupuncturist. I had four acupuncture sessions at Physicare Medical Clinic and my Herpes Zoster was healed."
- Ansai of Sansen Philippines, PEZA, Rosario, Cavite City

"I was suffering from neck and upper back pain while I was in Manila, Philippines. My cervical X-ray showed Osteophytes on several levels and have 12 sessions of acupuncture with physical therapy. My pains were gone and I was able to travel back to the states. "
- Dr. Suzana Torres
OB-Gynecologist, Los Angeles, USA

"I suffered from severe migraine attack and with acupuncture therapy, I was able to get back to work."
- Dr. Corazon Valdez
OB-Gynecologist, Olongapo City, Philippines

"I had severe asthma attacks which responded very well with acupuncture therapy."
- Dr. Viki Guanzon
Endocrinologist, Bacolod City
, Philippines

"I had a severe low back pain caused while playing golf. I was afraid of acupuncture needles but I have no choice. I had five (5) acupuncture with physical therapy session. My pain was gone."
- Christian Manlapaz
St. Joseph Group, Inc.
Manila, Philippines

"Two years ago, I had severe right lower abdominal pain and was diagnosed to have leaking ovarian cyst. It was controlled with acupuncture and antibiotic that there was no need to have it operated on. Since then I have been undergoing acupuncture twice a month to prevent its recurrence. "
- Ella Osea
IT, Kalookan City, Philippines

“I was suffering from severe Vertigo. After several sessions of acupuncture with physical therapy for my benign positional vertigo and arthritis, I was able to walk without losing my balance”
- Leony San Juan
Manila, Philippines

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